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An award-winning leader in the Information Security industry.

An award-winning leader in the Information Security industry. We provide strategic business and technology based cybersecurity solutions that leverage enterprise investments and improve efficiency to meet stringent compliance standards. Our team has extensive real world experience in leading and supporting organizations spanning across many industries.

We are focused on solutions that automate functions to eliminate remedial tasks and consolidate the tool stack. ITSourceTEK has deep experience in the following capabilities:

Cloud Security Strategies and Solutions

Develop automated security functions to extend protection as data and applications move to Cloud and SaaS platforms. This also includes automation of policies and configurations for provisioning and data management functions. Additionally, we provide many Cloud native solutions to help consolidate inefficient tools and/or redundant processes that were stitched together to span across multiple legacy systems over time.

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Data Encryption, Masking, and Tokenization

Protect sensitive structured and unstructured data while at rest and in motion. This protection can start with structured data at the User Interface of a web form, or internal application, and extend through to the backend systems or data lakes, including Cloud & SaaS providers.  Regardless of file type and where it is stored, transparently encrypt your unstructured data to exceed compliance requirements. Use cases especially important due to COVID-19 include protecting the sensitive unstructured data being accessed and/or stored on systems using unsecured networks by your remote workforce and third parties.

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Today’s threats are sophisticated, patient, and relentless. Our managed EDR solutions can stop APT and Zero Day attacks on Cloud and On-Premise assets. We offer the best EDR solutions with 24/7 team of Analysts to remediate issues in minutes (on average), not hours or days. Our EDR solutions are backed by up to $1M in Cyber Insurance.

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Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Support & Solutions

Provide assessments, requirements, and gap analysis for security standards (such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI-DSS, and GDPR), and other regulatory requirements.

Create policies and provide solutions to fill any gaps and achieve compliance, ensuring that companies meet stringent security standards for how their data is used, managed, and stored. Our recommended GRC Platforms automate assessments and ongoing continuous monitoring of internal and Third Party Risks for both On-Premise & Cloud-based services.

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Next-Gen DLP & WAF Protection

Deliver Next-Gen DLP and WAF solutions to address vulnerabilities such as insider threats, data exfiltration, and DDoS attacks. Additionally, and equally important, we automate enforcement of policies and provide unified data protection.

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Threat Detection and Policy Enforcement

Advanced data science and machine learning help to develop analytics and create inline protection to enforce security policies for the protection of sensitive data in real-time. Our solutions help detect anomalies before data and IT, IoT, and OT systems are compromised.They also analyze, protect, and report on threats from malicious insiders, ransomware, and other policy violations using Application and Database Security Platforms, autonomous threat intelligence, NAC, and/or a combination of those solutions.

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Our team has extensive real world experience in leading and supporting organizations spanning across many industries and functional areas.

Our clients range in size from small firms with significant assets to Fortune 100 world leaders.

Empower your company to maximize investments in:

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Jan 01, 21
2 minutes

Lynx Technology Partners Announces Acquisition of ITSourceTEK, Inc.

Combination Creates Industry-Leading Cybersecurity Operations Program and Integrated Risk Management Provider. New York — December 16, 2020 – Lynx Technology Partners, Inc., the leader in cybersecurity program strategy, execution and operations specializing in integrated risk management, announced today that it has acquired privately-held ITSourceTEK, an expert in solutions for detecting, resolving, and preventing advanced cybersecurity threats.  The acquisition, which recognizes the ever-increasing intensity of cyberattacks and follows nearly two years…

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Aug 26, 19

ITSourceTEK named as one of the Top 20 Technology Innovators in CyberSecurity-2019

ITSourceTEK is honored to be listed as one of the Top 20 CyberSecurity Innovators in 2019 alongside McAfee, Malwarebytes, Cylance, FireEye and some other highly distinguished companies in our industry. Very Impressive Group to be part of!   ITSourceTEK Top 20 Cybersecurity Innovator Article Aug 2019   Back to articleShare this article Facebook LinkedIn Twitter

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